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Henschel Hats*.  Founded in 1947,
St. Louis, Missouri.   After three generations Henschel continues to be a leader in the headwear industry.

* Henschel Manufacturing Company.

Three basic principles of business are Henschel and Simply Best Hats guiding lights and foundations of their business philosophy:

•  High Quality Workmanship.

•  Fashionable Designs.

•  Make Everything Possible
    In The USA.

Henschel Hats are a favorite because of a well chosen diversity of products that are crafted with the finest quality domestic leather, fabric and materials.

Hats that are a minimum of SPF 50 provide protection from the increasing intensity of UV rays from the sun.

Special materials and design produce hats that have trend setting style, provide cooling and warmth as needed and lightweight all day comfort.

The Simply Best Hats and Henschel    Team Goal:

Always meet and frequently exceed customers and shoppers highest expectations.

un and Weather Protection Never Looked So